About Us

Our Mission:

  • To bring glory, praise, and honor to God our Father, and serve faithfully our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To promote the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace among local believers by teaching and living the basic truths of the Bible.
  • To offer the good news of God's gift of salvation in Christ, free of charge, with hearts eager to serve, to all who will accept it.
  • To offer home Bible fellowships and small group studies designed to teach God's word, encourage God's people and share God's love with believers of all ages, interests and needs.
  • To offer a regular gathering, a fellowship of fellowships, whereby like-minded believers can come together in a larger group setting to worship God and gain spiritual edification.
  • To encourage and support activities through which believers, young and old, new to the faith and seasoned in Christ, from all walks of life can serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Statement of Beliefs

We Believe:

  • In one God, the Father, the Creator of the heavens and earth, who has revealed his will to mankind through his written word in the holy Scriptures, the Bible. 
  • In Jesus Christ, God's unique Son and our Lord, who as God's word in human form, fully made known God his Father and accomplished redemption and salvation for mankind.
  • That Jesus Christ was a man, miraculously conceived by God's holy Spirit, and that, anointed by the power of God's Spirit, he fulfilled his ministry as the Messiah, or Christ, of God, proclaiming and demonstrating the love and power of God and God's kingdom.
  • That, according to God's plan of salvation, Jesus Christ was crucified under Roman authority and died for our sins according to the Scriptures.  That he was buried.  That on the third day God raised Jesus out from among those that are dead, exalting him to the highest place of authority, God's own right hand, where Jesus now rules as Lord and Christ over God's kingdom.
  • That Jesus Christ will return on a day in the future already appointed by God in order to judge the living and the dead, destroy all evil and establish God's glorious everlasting kingdom in a new heaven and new earth.
  • That those who have faith in Jesus Christ receive God's gift of salvation, forgiveness of sins, God's gift of holy Spirit, adoption into God's family as his children, incorporation into the body of Christ and the wonderful assurance of life in God's everlasting kingdom after Christ's return.
  • As God's people, all believers have the joy, privilege and responsibility of serving our Lord Jesus Christ and sharing with the world the good news of God's gift of salvation through faith in Christ.