God's Living Word

God's Living Word (2nd Edition) is an audio class taught by Richie Temple that is designed to equip you with basic tools necessary for reading and studying the Bible so that you can apply the truths of God’s word to your everyday life.  By covering the major themes presented in the Scriptures and establishing foundational principles to keep in mind while reading the Bible this class will help to put you on the path to a better understanding of God’s Living Word.  

Class Description:  The class is broken down into five Sessions.  Each of these Sessions are made up of two (roughly 30 minute) teachings. The topics of the Sessions are listed below.  

Syllabus The class Syllabus is to be used in conjunction with the Audio teachings. 

Session 1A- God's Living Word   

Session 1B- God's Living Word

Session 2A- Principles for Understanding the Bible

Session 2B- Principles for Understanding the Bible

Session 3A- In the Beginning

Session 3B- In the Beginning

Session 4A- Old Testament Overview

Session 4B- Old Testament Overview

Session 5A- New Testament Overview

Session 5B- New Testament Overview

God's Living Word - 1st Edition